Friday, September 21, 2007

Boy's Type

My Boy's Type??? ^_^; I've talked and talked with my friends in school. Yup, I've go back to school since last monday, September 3rd, 2007... ;) And last friday, we talked about BOY's TYPE...~ OMG, they're asked me, how's boy I've dreams like. Allright, here is my kind of boy I like; >>He must me had same believe like me. We must believe in God... >>He can regard the traditional culture of Indonesia! >>He must appreciate me well, and can gimme some advices if I'm wrong... >>He can handle problems lot, it mean he must had responsibility >>Handsome or no, whatever God choose for me, I'll take it... >>A man who can gimme flowers when I'm down... are you there...? XD Allright, and I have idols on my school, which is bro Kresna, the leader of traditional Javanese music lesson, then Yoogi, the member of Mahardika, a traditional dance for boy, symbolize the great of Javanese man's power... and the last is... bro Irfad he joined with BDI (Badan Dakwah Islam, an Islamic group) and being a musician fo the nasyiid group. They're my tipe~ Do you know nasyiid? Nasyiid is great music with no instrumental~ the instrumental comes from their mouth. They're play tune with their mouth! Cool! Someday I'll send our nasyiid video, and be amazed of it!! Hyaaa~~~ We love you, bro Irfaaaaad~!! XD Ah, for note, I'm just idolize them, I won't they're being my boyfriend or so on. I just wait for my graduate, and have college. Then, I'll marry with someone who I love and he love me well, from his deepest mind... I still won't have boyfriend now... For now on, I'm just love my God... I'm always love HIm... no matter what. But after I have husband, I'll love him by death and live, beside I love God... because my religion told me that a wife must obey with husband in good things, and advie her husband if he have wrong... that's the love. But the true love is between we and our God... ;)