Saturday, April 28, 2007

Check this Video!

Hello, guys! Check this video! actually, this is my lastest video created by my self nowadays. This video also the last thing I created with my old computer, which was stolen by burglar. The video take Tenchu as main theme. Hope you all enjoy it!


My father bought a new CPU for us. That was surprised me! The new CPU is PIII, with Windows XP Pro inside, RAM 128, and 600 MHz… but the minus point is, the VGA is too low… >_< But it’s okay! Now, we have new own computer! I gave it name ChrusadeRz, just like the elder. The layout of the WinXP looks good. I thought it was Crystal XP at first… XD That PC was rafted by my cousin. He was so smart, and had his own computer shop. Knew our family was sad because the PC was stolen, he offer my father a new PC. Because that was rafted by his self, the price was quiet cheap! We’re so happy!! Hey, he also knew that I love to graphic design too. So he put Adobe PSP CS to me! Wow, that was my most-wanted software!! Thanks, brother Rudy! Guys, if you need anything about computer hardware/software, just call the kind-guy named Rudy Wijayanto, SP here; 085649541183 or 0341-5460583. Don’t be afraid about him. He is really kind and friendly. He always do the best for you.