Monday, July 9, 2007

Ayame and Rikimaru Addict~! Yes, it’s me; Rikimaru and Ayame addict!! I’m 100% support love between Ayame and Rikimaru from Tenchu series! Yes, and I’ve made their GIF animated. The pictures taken from the opening movie of Tenchu 3: Wrath of Heaven/Return from Darkness. Are you support their love too? ^^ I knew Ayame was first falling love with Tatsumaru, his older clan mate. But Tatsumaru loved Kagami, another ninja, and he treasonous with his clan, no matter what! Then Ayame swear will kill Tatsumaru, and she did it. Oops… no more TATSUMARU! Let Ayame and Rikimaru have their own way~! ^_^v Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Monday, July 2, 2007

Success Pass the Final EXAM!!

Finally I could hear the announcement of the final exam. I've got quiet nice mark, which 8.0 for Math, 9.6 for English and Indonesian test. MY GOD!! The English and the Indonesian just wrong two numbers!! Failed to get 10.00 mark!! So, the total was 27.20 hmm it's okay, 27 is quiet nice mark for me. GOD REALLY SAVE ME!! Thanks a lot GOD!! I love you!! Life is full with problem, and God will save us, just like I'm always say :D And this is also because you, who have been pray for methank a lot guys Now Im so confuse to choose which High School Ill choose for the next. My father ordered me to go to High School 01 or High School 04. But hmm who knows then? I also want to go to High School 08, my brothers ex-school. Ah, just wait and see where Ill take my next-gen-education then! :D Ill took PSB Online(enrolment of Indonesia school by internet, so it was so easy and quick than manual-enrolment) for my enrolment to High School that I want. If I fail to go into one of public school, Ill go to Art High School on Surabaya, other city. Hope thats not happen my father optimist that I could go wherever school I wanted too hehe hope hes right :D The graduation ceremony was held on June 23, and were all, the nine-grade students, wear white formal shirt, black tie, and black trouser/skirt. Tee-hee then~ were just like salesman!! lol I borrowed my camera, shot all that I could shot, and collect it on my photo album ;) IM, THE NEW HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT!! KYAAA~!! :D Goodbye my Junior High School! Ill be always remembers you in my heart! So many memories and thing youve gave to me on 3 years. Dont forget to have reunion then! :D Oh, say congratz to my dear friend; Indra Firmansyah. He's success to have scholarship on Singapore for several years, on Anglo Chinese School. Hell go on December. Congratz, Indra!! We'll miss you always~

Youtube Download Trick!

Youtube, large web which we could find hundred videos, not give us chance to download the videos. But now, with hi-tech and bit creativity, we could enjoy the downloadable Youtube videos! There are easy way to download the videos of Youtube. The first option was by visit Youtubex, and follow the procedure on that site. But I'm always choosethe other option; by Qooqle Youtube Downloader. Remember, not GOOGLE but QOOQLE. First, open the, and look at the video you wanted to download. Look at the link, and copy it to clipboard. Then, open, paste the link on the blank form on the sites page. It will be show GET DOWNLOAD LINK URL button as soon as youve paste the Youtube link. Click the button, and there will be show a new link. Its a link for download the video. Copy that new link, and paste it into your download manager (just like KGet on Linux, or Fresh Download). Let the download manager finish its job to download the video to your local hard drive. If it was finish, look at the video that youve download on the drive, and rename the file with add extension .flv behind it. Example: get_video1 rename to get_video1.flv then use Kingvidia converter to convert it into wmv or mpg, as you choose. If you wont to convert it, you also could play the flv video with GOM Media Player, or Kingvidia Media Player (which you can get from Youtubex). Ive got so many videos (without ignore the copyright, of course) and watch it together with my friends. This technique was teach by my friend brother Heru and brother Andre from Galerinet Forum. Have a nice try you all!