Thursday, October 20, 2011

"Black Widow" for a Day

Early on August, my boyfriend, Marventyo Amala, told me that he need some photo session for portfolio. He was insterested with padepokan (a place with Javanese architecture) on Universitas Brawijaya. He also argue that it'll be nice if he took a photos of me wearing kebaya (javanese traditional dress) there. I'm agreed, and we're waiting for free time.

the old-house ruin
At the end of August, we've prepared everything for photo session. I wore my plain-black kebaya that I usually wears on formal meetings of Karaton Surakarta and batik skirt (we called it "jarik") and Marventyo preparing his Nikon D7000. It's new camera! Hehe. He's just upgraded his old nikon to this one. With us, join lomo-photographer Vidia, my old pal. She's really interested with DSLR also, and wanted to learn from Marventyo. But she's more being a crew during the photo session.

We're failed to took photos at Universitas Brawijaya. It's really crowded sith students! Then Marventyo took us to Universitas Negeri Malang, our beloved campus, and show us a great place nearby; ruins! It's old-house ruins beside art faculty (me and Marventyo's campus!) Great place. It's creepy, but very artistic. I fix my make up, changed clothes, and be ready!

Our mistake; my black kebaya is reeeaaaally plain and need some accessories, but neither me and Marventyo forget about that. So it is how I looked like a lady that come from past, about war-for-independent era XD My expression is more sad than happy. With the support from the abandoned-place, I thought that I'm really a ghost from war-for-independent era that waiting for her lover who went war! XDD Epic! Haha

So I called this photo session as "Black Widow" series XDD It's fun even not took so long. Marventyo said that no need to take more hours, because the results has satisfied him. Oh thanks God... may I talented to be a foto-model?? XP

Enjoy the photo results! We're on Malang, East Java, Indonesia. If you need photographer service, email me at :)

Photos by: Marventyo Amala (MARV Photoworks)
Make up and clothes : Violalulu
Special thanks : Vidia Rizky