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Friday, November 23, 2007

Sepiroth yang lentik~

Bulu mata yang tebal, hitam, dan lentik sering diidentifikasikan pada wanita yang memiliki paras cantik atas karena kelebihan pada bulu matanya itu.

Tapi, bagaimana kalau seorang pria, dan bahkan seorang VILLAIN dalam serial laga-fantasi yang memilikinya?! 0_0

Setelah aku perhatikan baik-baik selama beberapa hari sebuah video dari potongan game Crisis Core : Final Fantasy VII, aku baru tahu kalau Sepiroth, tokoh jahat dalam dalah satu seri game terlaris ini, ternyata memiliki bulu mata hitam yang lebat dan lentik!! OMG~

Sepiroth berwatak beringas, penuh senyum licik dan haus sabetan. Bayangin aja, tokoh jahat pualing jahat dalam hampir seluruh seri FFVII (mulai dari yang original; FFVII, ampe film 3D-nya) ternyata berparas cantik. Ya, aku bilang dia cantik dan manis, bukannya ganteng ataupun sangar!
Adhuh adhuh... Square Enix, (terutama si characters design; Yoshitaka Amano) rupanya juga suka sekali dengan wajah manis untuk tokoh yang mendapat gelar 'villain terkuat sepanjang FF' ini! Tapi entah mengapa, mereka tidak pernah membuat seorang karakter perempuan yang ajtuh hati pada Sepiroth ini. Aku bersedia, kok... asalkan nggak disabet aja duluan sebelum aku berhasil berkenalan ama dia... XD

Spiderman 3...

I’ve watched it on VCD. Hmm… I think the story was common, and nothing too special with it. Little bored, I think. But… the computer-graphic and manipulation was so great! I love it. Gah, whatever Marvel do, I’m sure it will make us very surprised.

The story is still about Peter-MJ-Harry, and with newcomers which make MJ jealous. May I spoiler here? The chic named Gwen, and she really a$$^&%#!! And I think Peter Parker was wrong too. He gave Gwen chance to kiss him in front of all people in the city. Harry, been next Goblin. He wanted to revenge, and that’s the cool things here. I love the technologies that he used, and the action he did to fight Spidey as much~ >.<

MJ and Peter were broke their relationship here. What a poor, because Peter planned to propose her soon, with his aunt’s ring. Ah then, the very-surprised event is Harry got amnesia! Just see and what was he did until he got amnesia :3

Sandman was so cool too~ I never think about how he transformed from ordinary man to monster like that. Heh, I’ll not tell that here.

So, what’s the conclusion? I’m little disappointed. I think this will be the last trilogy of Spiderman movie. But… who knows?

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Finally Found it!

I have walks along that way to go to school. But I dunno when I’ve realize that little-simply-stall sells flowers too. If you look on it, you’ll surprise too know that stall sells flowers and plants. Ordinary plants, not too special much. But one thing made me yell loudly when I realize; that stall sells lavender too!!!

Gah, I have already lavender on my tiny-garden, but that’s the common kind of lavender. The kind I’ve found nowadays is rare enough here, and I’ve looked for it for those years. I don’t know if in here, Malang, lavender can grow up well. I decided to buy it two days ago. It’s cheap, Rp 5.000 (less than US $ 1 ^^;) Now it still grows well on my yard. Hahahahahah~ finally~ after long time I looked for that beautiful thing!

Ah, my you’re all has knew that I love lavender so much? Nuuu???!! Ah, I must tell you this story… hehe~ great, I love to tell story~ :3

When I’m still on elementary school, about 2nd grade, and my age wasn’t enough to call as ‘teen,’ (of course!) I was sooooo love books! I spent my time for read on the school’s library. Yes, my school was rich enough, and the library was sooooooooo comfort. I love it there, and don’t cares anything while read. I remember I always read nature and flower books, and that’s the first I saw lavender and know it as ‘near-beach-flowers.’ I taught it will cannot grow here, on Malang, because lavender grow well on the beach (it’s hot) and Malang was up-mountain-city, it’s cool enough here T^T I knew that’s impossible, and I just can dream it. But my love in lavender still remains. Even I’ve dream it too on my sleep! Haha, I was dream that I picked up almost 100 lavenders on the grass land! What a nice dream!! XD

Then, I grew up. When I reached grade 5, a boy introduce his self to me, and we get closer because he has been my class-mate. He also sat down beside me, on same table. When the day we had last-test to get on the grade 6, he told me that he like me so much! OMG… I was surprised! After that day, he always runaway if meets me. Haha, whatta funny boy, don’t he?

We started seriously after several months. I still remember, he asked me to be his girlfriend at March 23… hehehe… then, he told me painful reality then; he’ll go to school at outer city for 8 years! But he promised will come when have holiday, to visit me. I was shocked at first; my boyfriend will leave me for those years! Then, a friend introduced me with ‘Lavender,’ Taiwanese popular-drama. And when I watched it with her, she said that I and my boyfriend same like those film. It also told about a girl who wait for her boyfriend come, when the girl reach 20 years old. And when I calculate when age I’ll see my boyfriend again, it same like that drama; 20 years old!! I don’t know why my story and that drama almost same. But surely, just in the plots, not the all things.

I and my boyfriend were almost 3 years, but then we’re broke. Phew… there are so many stories about us, but I won’t tell it here, because it was too personal. Allright, then~ have a nice day you all~

Monday, October 22, 2007

Hard Languages

My friend, Jim Cooper (from Poland), ever told me that his language, which is Poland, is one of hard languages around the world. He said that because he knew that I’m really interested with it, and wanted to learn it even a bit. Gah, I’m sure I can’t learn it a.s.a.p! XD I was thinking about it. What were the other hard languages around the world beside Poland? On my opinion, I had these; French, Czech, Gael, Afrikaans, Dzongkha, Belarusian, Bengali, Catalan, Cherokee, and many more!! I think they’re hard to learn too, beside someone haven’t teach me even one from that list :p Indonesian, my language I think is easy to learn (and must be added on easy learning language list) The hard point I think is on the local language of each ethnic, and also the dialect. In Indonesia, we have so many ethnic. Javanese, Maduranese, Sundanese, Betawi, Bataks, Minang, Dayak, etc! Wooh, each ethnic had their language. I was Javanese, and sometimes I uses Javanese language to communicate. Javanese is dominate the capital city, and almost all around the important thing. Ah, but it isn’t problem! We’re all live together, and peace, because of national motto “Bhinneka Tunggal Ika” mean “Berbeda-beda tapi tetap satu” or “Even different, we’re still one.” Javanese language had parts. It had ‘language-stairs.’ The first is ‘Ngoko,’ that language we use if we talks with someone who have closer. Ngoko is the rudest language in Javanese’s language-stairs. Then, we have ‘Krama,’ which use if we talks with someone older, or we honors. Then, the highest is ‘Krama Inggil,’ we always use that language when we talks to elder. Gah, I haven’t learns Krama Inggil at all! It was so hard for me~ My father was so smart about Krama Inggil, but I dunno why he won’t to teach me more about it. He said English is more important than Krama Inggil! What the…? I wanna learn my culture deeper than before, but why my father ordered me to learn foreign culture? However, it really make me different in many ways, such as style and character. And I’m sure, my father will be sorry for it… :p Haha, I think the hardest is LOXIAN, elves language which J.R.R Tolkien has made, and Enya, the singer, has sang on her newest album Amarantine. Wanna hear Enya singing her Loxian’s language? I found her links on Youtube. Enjoy!

Me n My Brother : A different siblings!!

I know different between me and my brother! I really realize that, but I dunno why my brother doesn’t. Tee-hee, my characters was so confusing; sometimes I can be good girl, but sometimes isn’t! let us take an example. I can be so rude and say vile words when angry, but in some ways, I never do that even I angry. Gah, where’s my real characters actually? XD my brother is different. He is patient enough, and a kind of diligent and good boy. He obey our parents, and respect them much, even sometimes our parents disappoint to my brother. Ups, but they’re lot have disappoint to me (especially my father)

The reason I’ve be so rude and evil I think was my parent (again, especially my father did) I and father almost have same character in some ways. But I never like the way he does. Beside, he likes torture my mother! I swear it’s true! This secret was told to me by mother. I close to her enough, so I know her problems. My brothers don’t know anything. Yup, I have two brothers. But here, we’re talking about my old brother, not my little brother. Me and little brother have same things lot, that’s why no need to talk about his characters lot here… :p

Ah, back to topic~! So, my conclusion nowadays, take my father as the cause. Yupz, I know that. I hate him, so that’s why I’ve been so rude and wild in front of him. Gosh, whatever happen, I’ll just keep like this. I want he know that I really hate him, whatever happen. He had make my mother tortured for those years, and never say sorry! What a jerk, don’t he? My brother always advices me to stop it, but I won’t. “This is my way to show what my heart feels. Hey, we’re free! This is democratic country! Where’s your spirit?!” I said it sometimes to my brother, and (later) to my father when I angry. Gah, when I angry, he angry too… and our home will looks like world war III! What will happen if rude daughter meet evil father? Haha! It is ordinary atmosphere on our own home. Old brother is very rare at home. He’s busy with his organization and college, so I freely to begin war whatever I want. Haha, I think enough for this journal. Have a nice day, everybody!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Boy's Type

My Boy's Type??? ^_^; I've talked and talked with my friends in school. Yup, I've go back to school since last monday, September 3rd, 2007... ;) And last friday, we talked about BOY's TYPE...~ OMG, they're asked me, how's boy I've dreams like. Allright, here is my kind of boy I like; >>He must me had same believe like me. We must believe in God... >>He can regard the traditional culture of Indonesia! >>He must appreciate me well, and can gimme some advices if I'm wrong... >>He can handle problems lot, it mean he must had responsibility >>Handsome or no, whatever God choose for me, I'll take it... >>A man who can gimme flowers when I'm down... are you there...? XD Allright, and I have idols on my school, which is bro Kresna, the leader of traditional Javanese music lesson, then Yoogi, the member of Mahardika, a traditional dance for boy, symbolize the great of Javanese man's power... and the last is... bro Irfad he joined with BDI (Badan Dakwah Islam, an Islamic group) and being a musician fo the nasyiid group. They're my tipe~ Do you know nasyiid? Nasyiid is great music with no instrumental~ the instrumental comes from their mouth. They're play tune with their mouth! Cool! Someday I'll send our nasyiid video, and be amazed of it!! Hyaaa~~~ We love you, bro Irfaaaaad~!! XD Ah, for note, I'm just idolize them, I won't they're being my boyfriend or so on. I just wait for my graduate, and have college. Then, I'll marry with someone who I love and he love me well, from his deepest mind... I still won't have boyfriend now... For now on, I'm just love my God... I'm always love HIm... no matter what. But after I have husband, I'll love him by death and live, beside I love God... because my religion told me that a wife must obey with husband in good things, and advie her husband if he have wrong... that's the love. But the true love is between we and our God... ;)

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Short Stories : GADIS ITU

Aku terkejut ketika pintu ruanganku terbuka, dan masuklah seorang perempuan dengan wajah kusut dan bersungut-sungut. Matanya pucat, terlihat seperti tidak tidur selama beberapa hari. Wajah yang lumrah kutemui, dan bahkan, bila tidak ada wajah seperti itu yang masuk ke kantorku, sama saja aku tidak mendapatkan gaji. Yah, karena aku adalah seorang psikologi. Atau psikiater? Ah, terserahlah. Aku hanya menuruti apa yang orang juluki padaku. Dan urusanku, adalah bertatap muka dan mengajak ‘orang-orang tertentu’ untuk saling bercurhat. Dan sekarang, salah satunya sedang berhadapan denganku... “Ya...?” tanyaku lembut, seraya memberikan senyuman yang lebar pada remaja itu. “...apa masalahmu kali ini, dik...?” Perempuan itu mendengus. Ia duduk di kursi yang tersedia di depan mejaku dan kemudian ia bersandar dengan kasar padanya. Ia masih bersungut-sungut, dan tidak mau menatapku. Matanya hanya teralih pada lantai yang berkotak-kotak. “Dik...?” tanyaku sekali lagi. “...ada sesuatu yang...” “Banyak!” perempuan itu menjawab, dengan nada datar, dan masih tidak mau memandangiku. “banyak sekali...” Aku mengangguk pelan, dan mulai membuka buku catatanku. Akan kucatat segala yang dikatakan pasien, agar aku dapat menganalisis pada akhirnya. Pernah suatu ketika, aku mewawancarai seorang ibu yang baru saja kehilangan anaknya, dan dari segala aspek perilaku serta jawabannya yang tertera dalam buku catatan wawancaraku, akhirnya aku dan pihak rumah sakit menyatakan bahwa ia sakit jiwa. Sampai sekarang, masih kuingat jelas kepanikanku ketika aku mengetahui dialah pasien pertamaku yang ‘tervonis’ sakit jiwa, dari aku membaca catatan tentangnya. Yah itulah gunanya catatan; membangkitkan kenangan dan memori yang akan membuat kita tersenyum-senyum sendiri, dan para perawat akan mengatai bahwa aku sudah tertular para pasienku yang memang rata-rata suka tersenyum dan tertawa-tawa sendiri. “Jadi... apa masalahmu? Kalau seusiamu, biasanya broken home?” “Mungkin bisa dibilang...” perempuan itu menghela nafas, dan kemudian menatapku sayu. Rambutnya yang panjang sedikit bergerak seiring dengan kepalanya yang menatapku. Syukurlah, akhirnya ia mau juga menatapku. Kupikir saking depresinya, ia tidak mau menatap orang lain. “Jadi... bisakah kau ceritakan... secara spesifik padaku, dik...?” aku berusaha sekuat tenaga mempertahankan sikap lembutku, karena aku tau dampak yang akan terjadi kalau aku tidak menggunakan logat kelembutanku. “Bagaimana rasanya, jika anda dipanggil sampah oleh ibu anda?” “Eh...?” “Aku tanya, bagaimana rasanya, jika ibu yang membesarkan anda, yang mengandung dan melahirkan anda, memanggil anda sampah? Dan juga, perempuan itu juga mengatakan kalau semua hasil karya tangan, semua nilai, semua pekerjaan yang anda buat adalah sampah belaka?” Aku berusaha meresapi baik-baik kalimatnya. Sesekali kucatat juga dalam bukuku. Mungkin akar permsalahan perempuan di depanku ini adalah ibunya. “Jujur saja,” aku tersenyum. “saya sangat sakit hati, dik...” “Huh, anda berarti tidak turut menyesal dengan apa yang telah saya alami, kan? Buktinya anda masih tersenyum seperti itu!” Oh, Tuhan... seakan rasa benci menjalar di otaknya! “Apakah masalahnya hanya itu? Mungkin saat itu beliau merasa kesal dan capai, lalu...” “Pergi saja ke liang kubur! Aku tidak butuh argumentasi sarjana seperti anda. Orang-orang bodoh yang seenaknya saja menggunakan intelegensi mereka untuk mengatur kata-kata dan membuat orang lain tunduk! Dasar tanah busuk!” Aku memejamkan mata, dan mengambil nafas dalam-dalam. Wah, wah, memang benar, otaknya sudah rusak karena kebencian. “Dik...” aku menggigit bibirku. “saya tau kalau ini berat bagi adik, tapi adik juga perlu mengerem cara bicara adik...” Dia mulai menggeleng pelan. Serta-merta, dibenamkannya wajahnya kedalam pelukannya sendiri, seakan ia menyesal pada apa yang telah ia lakukan. “Maaf, entah kenapa. Tahun-tahun belakangan ini aku benar-benar rusak. Padahal dulu tidak. Sama sekali tidak...” “Berapa umurmu, dik?” “17 tahun...” “Oh, masih dalam masa puber. Mungkin kamu terlalu terpengaruh lingkungan.” Dia terdiam. Merenungi dan meresapi, seperti kebanyakan orang lainnya jika kita sudah mengatakan satu-dua patah kata mengenai sisi lainnya. “Ah, ibu dan ayah sama saja. Keduanya tidak pernah ada. Keduanya tidak pernah peduli...” aku terdiam, menunggu ia berbicara lebih jauh dalam tundukan kepalanya. “hanya adik yang dibela-bela. Ketika aku salah, mereka memarahiku habis-habisan. Jika adik yang berbuat salah, keduanya masih membala, memberi celah yang samar-samar bisa menutup kesalahannya, hingga yang disalahkan adalah pihak lain. Setiap kali, aku berbuat kasar dan melatih adikku untuk mandiri, untuk tidak manja. Tapi dua orang itu... dua orang yang sok kuasa itu... seenaknya salah tafsir, dan mencapku sebagai anak yang semaunya sendiri, anak yang... AAAAH!! MEREKA SEMUA SETAN!! MEREKA SEMUA KUTU NERAKA!!” Dia menggebrak-gebrak mejaku. Samar-samar bisa kulihat ia menintikkan air mata. Lumrah, seorang perempuan dalam masa pubertas yang mengalami hari perih tanpa bimbingan dan dorongan. Tapi perkataan kasarnya yang membuatku sesekali terpekik kaget, kenapa seorang perempuan dengan wajh lugu ini bisa bermulut tajam dan menusuk seperti itu? Apa orang-orang yang dibencinya pernah ia katai secara langsung seperti itu? Aku berdeham. “Dik, apa... kamu pernah... berkata secara langsung pada orang tuamu... perkataan-perkataan itu...?” Perempuan itu menggeleng, sambil tetap menangis. Sesekali air liurnya turut membasahi, menambah semaraknya tampilan berantakannya. “Lalu... dimana sekarang, keluargamu itu...?” “Di... tempat masing-masing... untuk... kerja...” “Mereka... gila kerja, ya?” “Berangkat pukul tujuh, pulang pukul enam sore. Kesempatan bagus untukku pergi bersama geng graffiti jalanan...” Aku terbelalak. Heh? Graffiti jalanan? Oh Tuhan, jangan-jangan anak ini salah satu dari biang keladi yang sangat suka corat-coret tembok kota itu? “Kamu... dan geng-mu itu...” aku tergagap. “benar-benar...” “Ya, kami suka corat-coret tembok polos di pojokan kota. Memang aku tidak resmi anggota mereka, hanya sesekali menonton aksi mereka, kabur ketika ada yang melihat, dan kemudian... pergi ke hiruk-pikuk masyarakat untuk menghilangkan jejak. Profesional, kan? Bahkan kamarku sudah aku corat-coret duluan, jauh sebelum aku kenalan dengan mereka. Itu tanda, bahwa itulah awal aku suka dengan jalanan... 2 tahun yang lalu...” Kugoreskan kembali penaku pada buku catatan. Perempuan ini benar-benar butuh pengawasan! “Lalu, apa kata orang tuamu begitu tau kalau kau mencoreti dinding kamarmu, dua tahun yang lalu?” “They just silent. Ignore me...” Aku mengangkat alis. “Ow...” “Tapi sejak itulah julukan ‘anak yang semaunya sendiri’ mulai digalakkan!” Aku mulai menyukai logat perempuan misterius ini. Dan akhirnya, aku memutuskan untuk lebih memfokuskan pertanyaan seputar dirinya daripada orang tuanya, agar aku bisa lebih mengenalnya, dan menyimpulkan kepribadiannya. “Uhm, corat-coret tembok, jalan-jalan, dan bergraffiti-ria. Kau suka seni, ya?” “Dia pacarku. Aku tidak suka cowok, tapi suka seni!” “Hmm... sangat mengagumkan. Lalu, tak apa, kan, kalau aku tanya bertubi-tubi padamu?” “Tak apa. Aku suka pertanyaan mengenai diriku...” ia mulai tersenyum kecil. Baguslah, aku naik satu tahap padanya. “Baiklah, kau bersekolah, kan? Apakah di sekolah kau mempunyai teman?” “Teman banyak, sahabat ada. Tapi yang paling aku junjung tinggi hanyalah graffiti. Aku tidak butuh yang lainnya untuk penenang stressku...” “Coba kutebak. Kau suka memendam rasa marahmu, kan?” “Kurasa.” "Dan kau pasti selalu merasa pusing dan penat, setiap kali kau merasa kesulitan, ataupun sedih, iya, kan?” “Efek dari meredam amarah dalam jangka waktu yang panjang. Tak usah kau beritaupun, aku sudah tau!” Aku tertawa grogi. Dasar! Kemampuan gadis ini boleh juga! “Oh, ya, aku ingin tanya. kau pasti sangat membenci rumah, kan?” Ia terdiam. Pandangannya berubah menjadi mengerikan. “Yang mana? Ada sekolah, jalanan, dan tempat tinggal orang tuaku. Yang mana rumah?” Aku menghela nafas. Rumah ia sebut tempat tinggal orang tuanya? Berapa dalam jurang kebenciannya pada orang tuanya?? “Selama ini kau hidup dimana?” “Dengan terpaksa, aku numpang makan dan tidur di tempat tinggal ortuku. Selebihnya, aku berada di jalanan, dan sekolah. Jadi, yang mana rumah?” Ini ujianku. Yeah, aku yakin gadis ini adalah ujianku. Perempuan yang broken home dan sangat membenci orang tuanya, melebihi apapun.... aku harus menyadarkannya! “Ng... dik..” aku menepuk dahiku perlahan. “kau ingat jasa yang diberikan orang tua padamu?” Ia terdiam lagi. Berpikir, kemudian bersandar pada kursi. Lalu, sambil berhitung dengan jari, ia mulai mengatakan rentetan kata; “Ng... memberi uang untuk SPP sekolah, membelikan baju seragam, memberikan uang untuk pelunasan uang gedung yang ditunggak, dan kemudian... membiarkan aku hilang selama dua malam berturut-turut untuk menyelesaikan graffiti. Yeah, hanya itu...” “Yy... yang... lain...?” “Sudah aku lupakan. Sudah aku kubur, dan aku tidak bisa ingat lagi...” “Dan.... semuanya untuk... sekolah?” “Itu sifat mereka. Hanya mau UNTUK SEKOLAH. Yang lain, aku berusaha sendiri. Aku tidak butuh mereka untuk apa yang aku butuhkan. Aku hanya butuh mereka untuk pengambilan rapot, panggilan orang tua, dan acara wisuda. Selebihnya, aku bisa mandiri. Hanya itu yang masih bisa inderaku rasakan...” “Kau... kau terlalu...” “Aku mau pergi. Hawanya tidak enak di rumah sakit ini. Apalagi di kantor dokter bedah, banyak yang menungguinya...” “HAH? Apa katamu...?” aku terbelalak, berharap salah dengar. “Dokter bedah memang pendosa. Terlalu banyak membedah. Mati juga pasti rohnya dibedah oleh korbannya...” perempuan itu segera berdiri dari kursi pasienku. Serta-merta, ia berlari menuju pintu, dan menutupnya keras-keras. Aku menghela nafas panjang. Kalau dibiarkan lebih jauh, anak itu bisa berbahaya! Lagipula, kalimat-kalimatnya juga membuat bulu kudukku merinding! Atas kemauanku yang bulat ini, aku berniat untuk mencegahnya pergi. Kuberdirikan tubuhku, dan aku segera berlari kecil menuju pintu kantorku. Ketika aku membukanya, aku terkejut. Aku hanya mendapati lorong panjang rumah sakit, tanpa adanya sosok perempuan remaja yang sedang berlari atau berjalan. Glek! Kemana dia? Kemana perempuan itu? Pandanganku teralih pada jendela yang terbuka lebar, tak jauh dari pintu kantorku. Aku berjalan menuju arah jendela, seakan sesuatu menuntunku untuk kesana. Semula tak ada yang aneh ketika aku ‘bertengger’ di jendela itu. Tapi ketika aku menatap ke bawah, sesuatu membuatku terperangah. Seutas tali, yang kuingat seperti tali milik anak pramuka, terhampar kebawah. Dan disana, diujungnya yang menempel ke atap bangunan lantai satu, terdapat sosok yang dengan santainya berjalan, sambil sesekali tertatih karena licinnya atap. Perempuan itu! Dia sudah benar-benar kacau! Berani sekali ia pergi melalui jendela, dan berjalan diatas atap rumah sakit. Kalau ada security yang tau, ia bisa ditangkap dan diadili!! Merasa diperhatikan atau memang ia sudah tau, perempuan itu menoleh pada arahku, dan tersenyum lebar. “Maaf, aku tidak bisa bayar biaya konsultasinya!!” Tubuhku lemas seketika. Bukan, bukan perihal ia tidak membayar, tapi, kenakatan dan kekacauan otak perempuan itu! Dan mulai detik ini, aku bertekad, kalau aku harus mendapatkan perempuan itu, entah kapan, bagaimana, dan dimana, aku harus mendapatkan perempuan itu, untuk menyadarkannya... ~ “Siúil trí na stoirmeacha” Prologue Lulu @ 2007

Monday, July 9, 2007

Ayame and Rikimaru Addict~! Yes, it’s me; Rikimaru and Ayame addict!! I’m 100% support love between Ayame and Rikimaru from Tenchu series! Yes, and I’ve made their GIF animated. The pictures taken from the opening movie of Tenchu 3: Wrath of Heaven/Return from Darkness. Are you support their love too? ^^ I knew Ayame was first falling love with Tatsumaru, his older clan mate. But Tatsumaru loved Kagami, another ninja, and he treasonous with his clan, no matter what! Then Ayame swear will kill Tatsumaru, and she did it. Oops… no more TATSUMARU! Let Ayame and Rikimaru have their own way~! ^_^v Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Monday, July 2, 2007

Success Pass the Final EXAM!!

Finally I could hear the announcement of the final exam. I've got quiet nice mark, which 8.0 for Math, 9.6 for English and Indonesian test. MY GOD!! The English and the Indonesian just wrong two numbers!! Failed to get 10.00 mark!! So, the total was 27.20 hmm it's okay, 27 is quiet nice mark for me. GOD REALLY SAVE ME!! Thanks a lot GOD!! I love you!! Life is full with problem, and God will save us, just like I'm always say :D And this is also because you, who have been pray for methank a lot guys Now Im so confuse to choose which High School Ill choose for the next. My father ordered me to go to High School 01 or High School 04. But hmm who knows then? I also want to go to High School 08, my brothers ex-school. Ah, just wait and see where Ill take my next-gen-education then! :D Ill took PSB Online(enrolment of Indonesia school by internet, so it was so easy and quick than manual-enrolment) for my enrolment to High School that I want. If I fail to go into one of public school, Ill go to Art High School on Surabaya, other city. Hope thats not happen my father optimist that I could go wherever school I wanted too hehe hope hes right :D The graduation ceremony was held on June 23, and were all, the nine-grade students, wear white formal shirt, black tie, and black trouser/skirt. Tee-hee then~ were just like salesman!! lol I borrowed my camera, shot all that I could shot, and collect it on my photo album ;) IM, THE NEW HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT!! KYAAA~!! :D Goodbye my Junior High School! Ill be always remembers you in my heart! So many memories and thing youve gave to me on 3 years. Dont forget to have reunion then! :D Oh, say congratz to my dear friend; Indra Firmansyah. He's success to have scholarship on Singapore for several years, on Anglo Chinese School. Hell go on December. Congratz, Indra!! We'll miss you always~

Youtube Download Trick!

Youtube, large web which we could find hundred videos, not give us chance to download the videos. But now, with hi-tech and bit creativity, we could enjoy the downloadable Youtube videos! There are easy way to download the videos of Youtube. The first option was by visit Youtubex, and follow the procedure on that site. But I'm always choosethe other option; by Qooqle Youtube Downloader. Remember, not GOOGLE but QOOQLE. First, open the, and look at the video you wanted to download. Look at the link, and copy it to clipboard. Then, open, paste the link on the blank form on the sites page. It will be show GET DOWNLOAD LINK URL button as soon as youve paste the Youtube link. Click the button, and there will be show a new link. Its a link for download the video. Copy that new link, and paste it into your download manager (just like KGet on Linux, or Fresh Download). Let the download manager finish its job to download the video to your local hard drive. If it was finish, look at the video that youve download on the drive, and rename the file with add extension .flv behind it. Example: get_video1 rename to get_video1.flv then use Kingvidia converter to convert it into wmv or mpg, as you choose. If you wont to convert it, you also could play the flv video with GOM Media Player, or Kingvidia Media Player (which you can get from Youtubex). Ive got so many videos (without ignore the copyright, of course) and watch it together with my friends. This technique was teach by my friend brother Heru and brother Andre from Galerinet Forum. Have a nice try you all!

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Ngalam Devmeet II

Devmeet is a gathering party for peoples who join on Deviantart. Not all Deviant (Deviantarts member) could participated. Just artists who join with Ngalam group that only could participate Ngalam Devmeet. Ngalam had the first Devmeet on last January, 2007. Now, on June, well have the second Devmeet, because there were not all members could gather on the first Devmeet. Hope all members could join this time. I plan Devmeet just hold twice or three times a year. The Ngalam Devmeet 2007 II will be hold; Day : Sunday, June 24, 2007 Time : 03.15 pm till 05.00 pm or later or before Place : Timezone Malang Town square (3rd floor, the most-upstairs) Code : Dark-green ribbon on right hand >> This results was decided from the DEVMEET NGALAM II Forum. Horray! All hail democracy! >> Please wear dark-green ribbon on your right hand, so other members could know youre the member of Ngalam Deviantart. Don't go anywhere except the time haven't come, please ^_~ >> The time was after Ashar, so moslems could pray Ashar first... ^^ >> Be on time, please. We dont have all day. If you're VERY late and couldn't find other members, you should go down and head to "Terrace Cafe" please. I plan we'll there ^^ Contact person : Lulu :: 085645464708 (miskin pulsa, sms u blom tentu dibales. tapi aku usahain, kok...) ^^

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Kelas Penuh Cinta~!

Yeah. Itulah yang pantas aku bilang pada kelasku yang terakhir di SMPN 1 Malang. Kelas yang kududuki adalah 9B. Kelasnya cukup kompak, dan ramai. Kami juga mengambil tema BREAKERz ketika Pensi, membuat kelas terasa semakin aktif dan terkenal bak seorang Breakers. Gimana gak? Kelas kami terkenal suka kerjasama, bahkan ketika ujian sekolah! ^^ Tapi memang dasarnya pintar-pintar, sehingga guru-guru begitu eman untuk marahin ^^

Kenapa aku bilang kelas penuh cinta? Semenjak awal, banyak pasangan tercipta di kelas ini! Jadi dalam satu kelas, sudah ada 3-4 pasangan yang ada. Yang pertama kalau tidak salah ada Jatz (Jati) sama Dee (Dian). Jatz nembak Dee-an, and diterima dengan sukses! Mereka mesra banget. Lalu, ada pasangan Izza-Bima. Pertamanya Izza emang agak bingung, nrima Bima ato gak. Dan akhirnya, Izza bersedia jadi mempelainya Bima! ^^

Selanjutnya, teman yang kami juluki Bolu (bothak lucu, aslinya Prayuda) menembak Stepz (Stefanni) di Matos, abis nonton bareng. Diterima, deh! Satu pasangan lagi terbentuk! Yah, meskipun ada juga yang sakit ati gara-gara patah hati. Kasihaan... T-T

Penembakan berikutnya adalah Andri ke Lulu. Tapi oleh Lulu ditolak, dan gagal ada pasangan baru di kelas ini. Lalu, baru jadian, ada Kurmat (Aditya) sama Anicha. Mereka dijuluki pasangan oriental di kelas, karena emang sama-sama ada keturunan Cina. Aditya yang selama ini dijuluki homo, akhirnya mbalik normal! Selamat, yah semuanya! ^^

Kelas penuh cinta ini akan segera berakhir Juli, karena memang sudah saatnya untuk keluar dari SMPN 1 dan menjadi murid SMA! Yah, semoga semua langgeng sampe kuliah!

Ehehehe... bagaimana denganku? Sudahlah, aku pengen ngejomblo dulu, ney. Andri, sori yah... ehehehe... ^^;

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket What is my dream? Simply; my novels have success and there are someone wanted to film it. And they’ll use WETA Studio to work the film~! HYaa~! Oops, I think many of you said it wasn’t simply. Yes, WETA Studio is the greatest 3D animation movie-maker who had successfully worked for the 3D animation of “Lord of The Rings”, “Narnia”, and also “Bridge to Therabithia.” It must be so expensive too if we use those studio… Ooh… all of the three were based from novel~! I’m always dream that someone wanted to realize my dream. Haha, so many obstacles on my struggle way. Remember when my computer lost? OMG… all my novels lost there, and never ever could be read by someone except me. Then, my lazy spirit… fuhm, sometimes I feel so well to do it. But sometimes, I feel very lazy, and then I do something else. Ahh~! My way of life still far. I must have really hard struggle to get my aim too; be an architect! Yes, I’m really wanted to go to Architect University then… please pray me, guys…

Malang Kembali 2007 : Unique Event!

At Friday (May 04, 2007) afternoon, I went to the most-unique event on my city. Our city, Malang, have a yearly event called “Malang Kembali” (Malang Go Back) this year. Event like this was started from last year, and the last year government took name “Malang Tempo Doeloe” (Malang in Past) The event was held from May 2 until May 6, 2007, and being hold on Ijen Boulevard, the beautiful roads that remember us with Paris architecture and building. Yes, our government have a program; to make Malang just like past, whereas Malang called “Paris in Java” because the situation just like Paris, ya’ know!? :p This event held from 09.00 until 00.00 >_< (I’m not sure) Along the Ijen street, there are many things that will remember us with past. Just like traditional cart walk along, wooden houses, traditional lights, traditional torches, and so many things. If you go into the area, you’ll feel like in past, about years 1950!! You must wear traditional clothes too. When I went there, I wear my ancient dress!! :D Yes, I got that dress from my mother. It was her old dress, when she still teen like me! The dress was so looks like I’ve been born before 1950… :D I went with my brothers, and my mother. My father won’t to go. So, he stayed at home. Whatever… ^^; After had arrived there, we walking around. Many traditional carts were run along the celebration’s place. There were so many old peoples (even young) wear traditional clothes, just like me. My mother was so happy. She told me that she felt like she back to condition when she was child. All stands and shop were made from wood, bamboo, and so many ancient things. The lamp also use traditional lamp, which we call ublik, torches, or/and kerosene pressure lantern. The stands give us traditional food, toy, and unique merchandise made from traditional materials. My mother bought so many things. She also bought me a traditional candy named glalen. I saw a cute wooden puppet, but it was too expensive. Is someone wanted to buy me one?? :D You also could find old book, photo, England’s old bikes, even antique things. There are also public-free-clinic, play stage, music stage, even monkey’s show… :giggle: Want to go around without too tired? Rent an old bike then! :D I wanted to laugh when I saw a group of teen wear Japanese infantry’s and Netherlands infantry’s old uniform. They ran along the celebration, attitude like real colonizer. Yes, Indonesia even take over by Japanese and also Netherlands in past. So that’s not surprised if some people also cosplay as Japanese old soldier. Those foreign peoples still on Indonesia when 1950, isn’t right? I hope you’re all visiting it, guys. So fun! Actually, my school was so near from that place. I was visited there twice… Haven’t visit it? Go back next year! :D

Angkerbatu: Little Similar with… Silent Hill?

--there will be spoiler here!—

Last Monday, at April 30, 2007, I watched Angkerbatu Movie with my classmates. Yes, we’re so happy when we went there, because Monday was NOMAT/nonton hemat and the movie gives us cut prize. When ordinary days, we must spend Rp20.000,00/audience [about $2.1]. If Monday, we can get just Rp10.000,00[about $1.5]! It’s half prize, right?

We decided to watch Angkerbatu, a horror movie. We got in at 13.15, and ready to watch!

The first scene of the movie took place on the forest somewhere of East Java, the region Angkerbatu. There was Mr. Kim, Korean businessman wanted to build his own golf yard and hotel. So he ordered his fellows to open the forest; cut the forest and flat the forest’s soil. But something unexpected happened! A hurricane came attack him and all his fellows. Poor fellows, they’re all injured, even die when the hurricane came. After all, their corpses lost, to nowhere.

In other place, a girl journalist from Korean Voice TV broadcast named Karana (or Kirana? I forget!) decided to go to Angkerbatu with her partner, Yuda, and also with their driver, Warno. Karana told to Yuda if their friends, Manda and the cameraman were lost after have duty at Angkerbatu to report the build of Mr. Kim’s business area.

They were surprised when they arrive to Angkerbatu town. It was so empty, and untidy! Remember us with SILENT HILL, right?! In road, they’re found Mr. Kim, and a girl. The girl suddenly fainted. Yuda helped her, and took her to hotel. They stayed at hotel, and think what must they do after that. When they stayed at hotel, many ghosts appear, and make audience screamed!! >_<

Karana can’t be saved. That was the elder’s said. The mysterious girl told Yuda, he can save Karana and Manda if he wanted to go to the ghosts’ kingdom. The elder warned them if it’s too dangerous. But Yuda won’t listen, and kept go with the mysterious girl. They go to the hill, whereas there was unused mansion. And…. Guess by your self how’s the ending!! :D

In Silent Hill (PSOne game version), the radio that you borrow will have a noisy sound to sign you there will be a ghost coming at you. If in Angkerbatu, a handy-talkie will sign you, with the same-noisy-voice!!

All right, is Angkerbatu inspired by Silent Hill? Hmm… who knows? But I’m glad the home-movie-production was great to make a ‘ghosts’ image just like real.

Needed HELP!!

Dear friends, My computer was attacked by BRONTOX since one week ago. Those bastards was attack my system too! T-T I talked to my computer’s engineer, and he told me that I must use an antivirus that could not only remove and delete the viruses/infected files, but also could recovery the files. He gave me options; use McAfee or Norton Antivirus. Surely I choose McAfee, because I knew that Norton was too heavy. I’ve got McAfee 8.0 from my friend. He also suggested me to update it. Surely, I’ll update it. Then, I open and searching for the update. I’m really surprised! It was so hard to find the update! Yes, I was open the official site of McAfee, but then, I just got a pack of McAfee 8.0 and the firewall. Below the pack, there were words; “Please do not install this if you’re now using McAfee virus scan and McAfee firewall.” Sure, I’m using it now. So I don’t install that program. Okay, now, could you find me where I could install the update of McAfee? For note, my computer couldn’t connect to internet. I’m always had surf on Internet Café. I’m really needs your help. Thanks then… Your sincerely, Lulu ++++++++++++++++ Indonesian+++++++ Aloo temen2 ku… Komputerku kena virus BRONTOX sekitar satu minggu yang lalu. Virus itu sudah menjalar hingga merusak sistem komputerku. Bisa kebayang, kan? Semua sudah diambil alih oleh dia! Aku sudah konsultasi ama konsultan komputerku. Dia bilang kalau aku harus pakai antivirus yang tidak hanya bisa delete virus/infected files, tapi juga harus bisa recovery/memperbaiki file-files itu. Dia ngasih aku pilihan; pakai McAfee atau Norton. Aku ngerti kalau Norton terlalu berat untuk komputerku, makanya aku milih McAfee. Aku udah dapet McAfee 8.0 dari temenku. Dia juga nyuruh aku untuk update dulu. Tentu, aku bakal update itu. Trus, aku mbuka untuk nyari updatenya. Aku bener-bener kaget! Ternyata susah banget nyari updatenya! Ya, aku sudah mbuka website resminya McAfee, tapi, aku juga dapet satu pak McAfee 8.0 sama firewall. Dibawah pak itu, tertulis; “Jangan install program ini jika anda sekarang sedang menggunakan McAfee virus scan dan McAfee Firewall.” Tentu aku lagi pake itu sekarang, kan? Jadinya ya aku nggak nginstall program itu. Sekarang, kalian bisa ndak bantuin aku nemukan, dimana aku bisa download dan install updatenya McAfee? Untuk catatan, komputerku nggak bisa connect ke internet. Aku selalu ngenet di warnet. Aku bener-bener butuh bantuan kalian. Terima kasih sesudahnya… Dengan hormat, Lulu

Dunia Periklanan & Animasi Indonesia

Kalau dilihat-lihat, sekarang Indonesia sudah termasuk kreatif. Banyak insan muda berbakat yang ikut andil dalam perkembangan tersebut. Salah satunya dapat dilihat dari dunia periklanan Indonesia. Kita ambil contoh poster untuk pertama-tama. Coba lihat di jalan-jalan. Poster bagus tak hanya poster iklan barang atau produk milik perusahaan besar saja. Konsep poster indie yang didesain oleh sekelompok masyarakat saja juga sudah menampakkan dua jempolan dari para pemerhatinya. Iklan di televisi kini tak hanya menggunakan konsep biasa untuk memuaskan kliennya. Jika dulu kita hanya melihat sekedar iklan dengan tema sehari-hari dan berkutat pada satu kilas kejadian saja, kini satu iklan bisa menggabungkan berbagai elemen dan kejadian sehingga muncullah sebuah iklan dengan bobot seni tinggi. Apa hubungannya animasi dengan iklan? Simpel saja, kini iklan juga seringkali menggunakan animasi yang tidak lagi memuakkan mata pemirsanya. Apalagi juga biro iklan sudah pintar mengelola SDM dan menghasilkan iklan dengan animasi baik 2D maupun 3D yang memukau. Sebut saja iklan sebuah produk susu anak yang menggunakan kemampuan animasi 2D ditambah sound-effect yang bagus beberapa waktu yang lalu. Iklan itu tampak seperti film kartun berdurasi pendek yang sangat bagus dan kreatif untuk ukuran orang Indonesia. Ada juga iklan eskrim yang menggunakan animasi 3D yang sangat rapi dan halus, membuat saya teringat dengan film FFVII:Advent Children, yaitu film animasi 3D halus dan hampir-hampir menyerupai nyata. Bayangkan saja grafik maksimal PS2 digabungkan dengan XBOX 360, dan dihiasi gerakan nyata yang tidak kaku sama sekali dipakai dalam sebuah film berdurasi ± 37 menit ini! Lalu, baru-baru ini saya melihat iklan biskuit sandwich yang memakai animasi 2D macan dengan gerakan yang tidak kaku dan monoton berdansa (lebih tepatnya sedang ber-DJ) bersama sekumpulan biskuit 3D yang lucu dan terlihat nyata. Masih banyak contoh lain yang menarik perhatian saya. Dunia biro iklan sekarang benar-benar kreatif! Tak hanya biro iklan, animasi pun melonjak naik dan menguasainya, mendukung aspek publikasi yang membuat para peminat iklan ikut dalam suasana yang ditawarkan oleh iklan. Tak ayal, kadang saya juga tertawa jika melihat satu-dua iklan bernuansa humor yang muncul, atau juga bisa turut hendak menangis melihat iklan bernuansa sendu. Apa yang ada dalam pikiran saya? Yaitu jika Indonesia mau berusaha sedikit lagi, pasti movie 3D seperti Barbie, Jimmy Neutron, bisa tersaingi. Dulu memang pernah ada film 3D berjudul “HOMELAND” buatan Indonesia yang membuat saya terpukau. Sudah bagus, hanya gerakannya para tokohnya agak kaku dan juga sound-effect kurang ditonjolkan. Bumi, karakter utama, saya lihat gerakan tangannya kurang luwes sewaktu ia melambai (di scene terakhir, ketika ia mengucapkan selamat tinggal) “Huh?” pikir saya saat itu, “tokohnya gak punya sendi siku, ya? Kok tangannya kayak gitu?” Kalau Indonesia mau ‘bondo,’ mengumpulkan para manusia-manusia kreatif itu, dan bermodal kemauan keras, maka tak usah heran jika akan tercipta sebuah film animasi 3D halus yang akan merajai dunia film animasi Indonesia, melebihi Homeland! Jangan mau kalah dengan Thailand yang para insan mudanya sudah memproduksi film animasi kartun halus dengan efek 3D! Sama-sama rumpun bangsa mata hitam-tubuh kecil-kulit coklat, tapi kok lebih maju mereka? China pada tahun 1999 sudah bisa mengandalkan biro iklan mereka dengan animasi di internet. Mereka sudah menggunakan animasi Flash, dan juga animasi 3D yang cukup halus untuk periklanan. Sementara kalau dilihat, Indonesia masih baru menapaki jenjang tersebut kurang lebih tahun 2005-2006. Hayo, kebayang, gak, gimana terpuruknya tanah air kita?? Solusi >>>> Kita, sebagai insan muda, harus bisa mengambangkan kreatifitas kita masing-masing. Setiap manusia punya apa-apa yang bisa mereka sumbangkan pada tiap kesempatan, dan kita wajib menghargai apa yang orang lain persembahkan pada kita. Trus, pupuklah sifat rajin! Bayangkan aja, adegan 1 menit film animasi Final Fantasy VII:Advent Children itu butuh waktu sekitar 1-1,5 minggu buat nyelesaikan! Sementara durasinya berapa? Wowowow... kalo bukan rajin dan gak gampang menyerah, apa lagi coba modal mereka? Terus baru-baru ini juga pembuatnya, Square-Enix Corporation, sedang membuat sekuel keduanya, yaitu Final Fantasy VII:Advent Children Complete, dimana ini merupakan pembaharuan dari seri pertamanya. Akan ada tambahan adegan, perubahan gerakan dan suara, juga sedikit perubahan tatanan grafis disini! Bagi kamu-kamu yang cinta film dengan aksi agak sadis dan berdarah, bisa pilih FFVII:ACC ini. Tapi bagi kamu yang ogah darah, bisa pilih sekuel pertamanya, FFVII:AC. Hayo... Jepun aja udah kayak gitu. Kita kapan??? Buat satu film aja udah ogah-ogahan. Apalagi dua??

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Check this Video!

Hello, guys! Check this video! actually, this is my lastest video created by my self nowadays. This video also the last thing I created with my old computer, which was stolen by burglar. The video take Tenchu as main theme. Hope you all enjoy it!


My father bought a new CPU for us. That was surprised me! The new CPU is PIII, with Windows XP Pro inside, RAM 128, and 600 MHz… but the minus point is, the VGA is too low… >_< But it’s okay! Now, we have new own computer! I gave it name ChrusadeRz, just like the elder. The layout of the WinXP looks good. I thought it was Crystal XP at first… XD That PC was rafted by my cousin. He was so smart, and had his own computer shop. Knew our family was sad because the PC was stolen, he offer my father a new PC. Because that was rafted by his self, the price was quiet cheap! We’re so happy!! Hey, he also knew that I love to graphic design too. So he put Adobe PSP CS to me! Wow, that was my most-wanted software!! Thanks, brother Rudy! Guys, if you need anything about computer hardware/software, just call the kind-guy named Rudy Wijayanto, SP here; 085649541183 or 0341-5460583. Don’t be afraid about him. He is really kind and friendly. He always do the best for you.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

SMA or SMK??

I'm confuse! this thing always remind in my mind, every night. And it really torture me.. I'm always cry... It's better to go to SMA (High School) or to SMK (School for girl)? My father angry when I told him that I want to go to SMK. But... aaaaah!!! If I go to SMK, I'll can't go to college, and my dream will fly away... but, my grade wasn't too good now. I'm afraid with that #$%* point, I can't go to SMA and go to college as I want to...

Watchout! AIDS di Bioskop!!

Beberapa waktu lalu, temanku dari Jakarta ngirim email, kalo di Jakarta and Bandung sudah merajalelanya jarum suntik yang ada AIDS-nya di Jakarta dan Bandung. Merajalela bagaimana? Ada orang iseng yang sengaja menaruh ajrum tersebut di bangku-bangku bioskop. Dan walhasil, orang yang duduk di bangku tersebut akan 'kecubles' and kena AIDS. Beberapa dari kalian pasti heran, kalo ketusuk, pasti krasa, kan? TIDAK! jarum tersebut begitu kecil dan tipis, sehingga kamupun kalau kecubles gak bakal kerasa apa-apa! (inget, jarumnya doang, suntikannya gak pake!) Dan ironisnya, peristiwa ini sudah langsung meluncur ke Malang! AAH, kotaku tercemar oleh orang usil! Kejadiannya sudah ada di Malang Town Square, dan sudah memakan beberapa remaja yang menonton disana. Pihak Bioskop Matos sendiri sudah berulang kali melakukan pembersihan dan pemeriksaan pada bangku-bangku mereka, but... berulang kali pula orang2 tak bertanggung jawab menaruh jarum tersebut. So, hati-hati, ya, kalo mau nonton di bioskop...!! Picture resources :