Monday, April 13, 2009

Anime n Toys Festival - ITC Surabaya

Cosplay event, and also showroom for toys are here~ n_n Held by ITC Surabaya, the event had cosplay competition, race competition, drawing, etc. I don't know too much, bcause I just participate on cosplay competition. This time, I'm not alone. I went to Surabaya with COSUKI, the cosplayer team on my city. Not too much members that join with this competition. Lot of them have their own activities... T-T I wore my Esther Blanchet costume... wew. Just same like on BASTRA yesterday. But I didn't get any prize at all. It's okay. I'm really have fun and new friends~! :D COSUKI ever told me that; we don't look for the winner or the prizes, but we look for the fun and get new friends around the Indonesia~!! Yupz,,, it's our motto~! ;) WOW.... i just can say... WOW!! this is my first event with COSUKI~ I love them all. Congratz to Mayu-san from COSUKI who got the 1st winner~! Yeah! go COSUKI~!!