Friday, November 23, 2007

Sepiroth yang lentik~

Bulu mata yang tebal, hitam, dan lentik sering diidentifikasikan pada wanita yang memiliki paras cantik atas karena kelebihan pada bulu matanya itu.

Tapi, bagaimana kalau seorang pria, dan bahkan seorang VILLAIN dalam serial laga-fantasi yang memilikinya?! 0_0

Setelah aku perhatikan baik-baik selama beberapa hari sebuah video dari potongan game Crisis Core : Final Fantasy VII, aku baru tahu kalau Sepiroth, tokoh jahat dalam dalah satu seri game terlaris ini, ternyata memiliki bulu mata hitam yang lebat dan lentik!! OMG~

Sepiroth berwatak beringas, penuh senyum licik dan haus sabetan. Bayangin aja, tokoh jahat pualing jahat dalam hampir seluruh seri FFVII (mulai dari yang original; FFVII, ampe film 3D-nya) ternyata berparas cantik. Ya, aku bilang dia cantik dan manis, bukannya ganteng ataupun sangar!
Adhuh adhuh... Square Enix, (terutama si characters design; Yoshitaka Amano) rupanya juga suka sekali dengan wajah manis untuk tokoh yang mendapat gelar 'villain terkuat sepanjang FF' ini! Tapi entah mengapa, mereka tidak pernah membuat seorang karakter perempuan yang ajtuh hati pada Sepiroth ini. Aku bersedia, kok... asalkan nggak disabet aja duluan sebelum aku berhasil berkenalan ama dia... XD

Spiderman 3...

I’ve watched it on VCD. Hmm… I think the story was common, and nothing too special with it. Little bored, I think. But… the computer-graphic and manipulation was so great! I love it. Gah, whatever Marvel do, I’m sure it will make us very surprised.

The story is still about Peter-MJ-Harry, and with newcomers which make MJ jealous. May I spoiler here? The chic named Gwen, and she really a$$^&%#!! And I think Peter Parker was wrong too. He gave Gwen chance to kiss him in front of all people in the city. Harry, been next Goblin. He wanted to revenge, and that’s the cool things here. I love the technologies that he used, and the action he did to fight Spidey as much~ >.<

MJ and Peter were broke their relationship here. What a poor, because Peter planned to propose her soon, with his aunt’s ring. Ah then, the very-surprised event is Harry got amnesia! Just see and what was he did until he got amnesia :3

Sandman was so cool too~ I never think about how he transformed from ordinary man to monster like that. Heh, I’ll not tell that here.

So, what’s the conclusion? I’m little disappointed. I think this will be the last trilogy of Spiderman movie. But… who knows?

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Finally Found it!

I have walks along that way to go to school. But I dunno when I’ve realize that little-simply-stall sells flowers too. If you look on it, you’ll surprise too know that stall sells flowers and plants. Ordinary plants, not too special much. But one thing made me yell loudly when I realize; that stall sells lavender too!!!

Gah, I have already lavender on my tiny-garden, but that’s the common kind of lavender. The kind I’ve found nowadays is rare enough here, and I’ve looked for it for those years. I don’t know if in here, Malang, lavender can grow up well. I decided to buy it two days ago. It’s cheap, Rp 5.000 (less than US $ 1 ^^;) Now it still grows well on my yard. Hahahahahah~ finally~ after long time I looked for that beautiful thing!

Ah, my you’re all has knew that I love lavender so much? Nuuu???!! Ah, I must tell you this story… hehe~ great, I love to tell story~ :3

When I’m still on elementary school, about 2nd grade, and my age wasn’t enough to call as ‘teen,’ (of course!) I was sooooo love books! I spent my time for read on the school’s library. Yes, my school was rich enough, and the library was sooooooooo comfort. I love it there, and don’t cares anything while read. I remember I always read nature and flower books, and that’s the first I saw lavender and know it as ‘near-beach-flowers.’ I taught it will cannot grow here, on Malang, because lavender grow well on the beach (it’s hot) and Malang was up-mountain-city, it’s cool enough here T^T I knew that’s impossible, and I just can dream it. But my love in lavender still remains. Even I’ve dream it too on my sleep! Haha, I was dream that I picked up almost 100 lavenders on the grass land! What a nice dream!! XD

Then, I grew up. When I reached grade 5, a boy introduce his self to me, and we get closer because he has been my class-mate. He also sat down beside me, on same table. When the day we had last-test to get on the grade 6, he told me that he like me so much! OMG… I was surprised! After that day, he always runaway if meets me. Haha, whatta funny boy, don’t he?

We started seriously after several months. I still remember, he asked me to be his girlfriend at March 23… hehehe… then, he told me painful reality then; he’ll go to school at outer city for 8 years! But he promised will come when have holiday, to visit me. I was shocked at first; my boyfriend will leave me for those years! Then, a friend introduced me with ‘Lavender,’ Taiwanese popular-drama. And when I watched it with her, she said that I and my boyfriend same like those film. It also told about a girl who wait for her boyfriend come, when the girl reach 20 years old. And when I calculate when age I’ll see my boyfriend again, it same like that drama; 20 years old!! I don’t know why my story and that drama almost same. But surely, just in the plots, not the all things.

I and my boyfriend were almost 3 years, but then we’re broke. Phew… there are so many stories about us, but I won’t tell it here, because it was too personal. Allright, then~ have a nice day you all~