Friday, November 23, 2007

Spiderman 3...

I’ve watched it on VCD. Hmm… I think the story was common, and nothing too special with it. Little bored, I think. But… the computer-graphic and manipulation was so great! I love it. Gah, whatever Marvel do, I’m sure it will make us very surprised.

The story is still about Peter-MJ-Harry, and with newcomers which make MJ jealous. May I spoiler here? The chic named Gwen, and she really a$$^&%#!! And I think Peter Parker was wrong too. He gave Gwen chance to kiss him in front of all people in the city. Harry, been next Goblin. He wanted to revenge, and that’s the cool things here. I love the technologies that he used, and the action he did to fight Spidey as much~ >.<

MJ and Peter were broke their relationship here. What a poor, because Peter planned to propose her soon, with his aunt’s ring. Ah then, the very-surprised event is Harry got amnesia! Just see and what was he did until he got amnesia :3

Sandman was so cool too~ I never think about how he transformed from ordinary man to monster like that. Heh, I’ll not tell that here.

So, what’s the conclusion? I’m little disappointed. I think this will be the last trilogy of Spiderman movie. But… who knows?

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