Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket What is my dream? Simply; my novels have success and there are someone wanted to film it. And they’ll use WETA Studio to work the film~! HYaa~! Oops, I think many of you said it wasn’t simply. Yes, WETA Studio is the greatest 3D animation movie-maker who had successfully worked for the 3D animation of “Lord of The Rings”, “Narnia”, and also “Bridge to Therabithia.” It must be so expensive too if we use those studio… Ooh… all of the three were based from novel~! I’m always dream that someone wanted to realize my dream. Haha, so many obstacles on my struggle way. Remember when my computer lost? OMG… all my novels lost there, and never ever could be read by someone except me. Then, my lazy spirit… fuhm, sometimes I feel so well to do it. But sometimes, I feel very lazy, and then I do something else. Ahh~! My way of life still far. I must have really hard struggle to get my aim too; be an architect! Yes, I’m really wanted to go to Architect University then… please pray me, guys…

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