Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Angkerbatu: Little Similar with… Silent Hill?

--there will be spoiler here!—

Last Monday, at April 30, 2007, I watched Angkerbatu Movie with my classmates. Yes, we’re so happy when we went there, because Monday was NOMAT/nonton hemat and the movie gives us cut prize. When ordinary days, we must spend Rp20.000,00/audience [about $2.1]. If Monday, we can get just Rp10.000,00[about $1.5]! It’s half prize, right?

We decided to watch Angkerbatu, a horror movie. We got in at 13.15, and ready to watch!

The first scene of the movie took place on the forest somewhere of East Java, the region Angkerbatu. There was Mr. Kim, Korean businessman wanted to build his own golf yard and hotel. So he ordered his fellows to open the forest; cut the forest and flat the forest’s soil. But something unexpected happened! A hurricane came attack him and all his fellows. Poor fellows, they’re all injured, even die when the hurricane came. After all, their corpses lost, to nowhere.

In other place, a girl journalist from Korean Voice TV broadcast named Karana (or Kirana? I forget!) decided to go to Angkerbatu with her partner, Yuda, and also with their driver, Warno. Karana told to Yuda if their friends, Manda and the cameraman were lost after have duty at Angkerbatu to report the build of Mr. Kim’s business area.

They were surprised when they arrive to Angkerbatu town. It was so empty, and untidy! Remember us with SILENT HILL, right?! In road, they’re found Mr. Kim, and a girl. The girl suddenly fainted. Yuda helped her, and took her to hotel. They stayed at hotel, and think what must they do after that. When they stayed at hotel, many ghosts appear, and make audience screamed!! >_<

Karana can’t be saved. That was the elder’s said. The mysterious girl told Yuda, he can save Karana and Manda if he wanted to go to the ghosts’ kingdom. The elder warned them if it’s too dangerous. But Yuda won’t listen, and kept go with the mysterious girl. They go to the hill, whereas there was unused mansion. And…. Guess by your self how’s the ending!! :D

In Silent Hill (PSOne game version), the radio that you borrow will have a noisy sound to sign you there will be a ghost coming at you. If in Angkerbatu, a handy-talkie will sign you, with the same-noisy-voice!!

All right, is Angkerbatu inspired by Silent Hill? Hmm… who knows? But I’m glad the home-movie-production was great to make a ‘ghosts’ image just like real.

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