Thursday, May 31, 2007

Ngalam Devmeet II

Devmeet is a gathering party for peoples who join on Deviantart. Not all Deviant (Deviantarts member) could participated. Just artists who join with Ngalam group that only could participate Ngalam Devmeet. Ngalam had the first Devmeet on last January, 2007. Now, on June, well have the second Devmeet, because there were not all members could gather on the first Devmeet. Hope all members could join this time. I plan Devmeet just hold twice or three times a year. The Ngalam Devmeet 2007 II will be hold; Day : Sunday, June 24, 2007 Time : 03.15 pm till 05.00 pm or later or before Place : Timezone Malang Town square (3rd floor, the most-upstairs) Code : Dark-green ribbon on right hand >> This results was decided from the DEVMEET NGALAM II Forum. Horray! All hail democracy! >> Please wear dark-green ribbon on your right hand, so other members could know youre the member of Ngalam Deviantart. Don't go anywhere except the time haven't come, please ^_~ >> The time was after Ashar, so moslems could pray Ashar first... ^^ >> Be on time, please. We dont have all day. If you're VERY late and couldn't find other members, you should go down and head to "Terrace Cafe" please. I plan we'll there ^^ Contact person : Lulu :: 085645464708 (miskin pulsa, sms u blom tentu dibales. tapi aku usahain, kok...) ^^

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