Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Malang Kembali 2007 : Unique Event!

At Friday (May 04, 2007) afternoon, I went to the most-unique event on my city. Our city, Malang, have a yearly event called “Malang Kembali” (Malang Go Back) this year. Event like this was started from last year, and the last year government took name “Malang Tempo Doeloe” (Malang in Past) The event was held from May 2 until May 6, 2007, and being hold on Ijen Boulevard, the beautiful roads that remember us with Paris architecture and building. Yes, our government have a program; to make Malang just like past, whereas Malang called “Paris in Java” because the situation just like Paris, ya’ know!? :p This event held from 09.00 until 00.00 >_< (I’m not sure) Along the Ijen street, there are many things that will remember us with past. Just like traditional cart walk along, wooden houses, traditional lights, traditional torches, and so many things. If you go into the area, you’ll feel like in past, about years 1950!! You must wear traditional clothes too. When I went there, I wear my ancient dress!! :D Yes, I got that dress from my mother. It was her old dress, when she still teen like me! The dress was so looks like I’ve been born before 1950… :D I went with my brothers, and my mother. My father won’t to go. So, he stayed at home. Whatever… ^^; After had arrived there, we walking around. Many traditional carts were run along the celebration’s place. There were so many old peoples (even young) wear traditional clothes, just like me. My mother was so happy. She told me that she felt like she back to condition when she was child. All stands and shop were made from wood, bamboo, and so many ancient things. The lamp also use traditional lamp, which we call ublik, torches, or/and kerosene pressure lantern. The stands give us traditional food, toy, and unique merchandise made from traditional materials. My mother bought so many things. She also bought me a traditional candy named glalen. I saw a cute wooden puppet, but it was too expensive. Is someone wanted to buy me one?? :D You also could find old book, photo, England’s old bikes, even antique things. There are also public-free-clinic, play stage, music stage, even monkey’s show… :giggle: Want to go around without too tired? Rent an old bike then! :D I wanted to laugh when I saw a group of teen wear Japanese infantry’s and Netherlands infantry’s old uniform. They ran along the celebration, attitude like real colonizer. Yes, Indonesia even take over by Japanese and also Netherlands in past. So that’s not surprised if some people also cosplay as Japanese old soldier. Those foreign peoples still on Indonesia when 1950, isn’t right? I hope you’re all visiting it, guys. So fun! Actually, my school was so near from that place. I was visited there twice… Haven’t visit it? Go back next year! :D

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