Monday, July 2, 2007

Youtube Download Trick!

Youtube, large web which we could find hundred videos, not give us chance to download the videos. But now, with hi-tech and bit creativity, we could enjoy the downloadable Youtube videos! There are easy way to download the videos of Youtube. The first option was by visit Youtubex, and follow the procedure on that site. But I'm always choosethe other option; by Qooqle Youtube Downloader. Remember, not GOOGLE but QOOQLE. First, open the, and look at the video you wanted to download. Look at the link, and copy it to clipboard. Then, open, paste the link on the blank form on the sites page. It will be show GET DOWNLOAD LINK URL button as soon as youve paste the Youtube link. Click the button, and there will be show a new link. Its a link for download the video. Copy that new link, and paste it into your download manager (just like KGet on Linux, or Fresh Download). Let the download manager finish its job to download the video to your local hard drive. If it was finish, look at the video that youve download on the drive, and rename the file with add extension .flv behind it. Example: get_video1 rename to get_video1.flv then use Kingvidia converter to convert it into wmv or mpg, as you choose. If you wont to convert it, you also could play the flv video with GOM Media Player, or Kingvidia Media Player (which you can get from Youtubex). Ive got so many videos (without ignore the copyright, of course) and watch it together with my friends. This technique was teach by my friend brother Heru and brother Andre from Galerinet Forum. Have a nice try you all!

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