Monday, October 22, 2007

Hard Languages

My friend, Jim Cooper (from Poland), ever told me that his language, which is Poland, is one of hard languages around the world. He said that because he knew that I’m really interested with it, and wanted to learn it even a bit. Gah, I’m sure I can’t learn it a.s.a.p! XD I was thinking about it. What were the other hard languages around the world beside Poland? On my opinion, I had these; French, Czech, Gael, Afrikaans, Dzongkha, Belarusian, Bengali, Catalan, Cherokee, and many more!! I think they’re hard to learn too, beside someone haven’t teach me even one from that list :p Indonesian, my language I think is easy to learn (and must be added on easy learning language list) The hard point I think is on the local language of each ethnic, and also the dialect. In Indonesia, we have so many ethnic. Javanese, Maduranese, Sundanese, Betawi, Bataks, Minang, Dayak, etc! Wooh, each ethnic had their language. I was Javanese, and sometimes I uses Javanese language to communicate. Javanese is dominate the capital city, and almost all around the important thing. Ah, but it isn’t problem! We’re all live together, and peace, because of national motto “Bhinneka Tunggal Ika” mean “Berbeda-beda tapi tetap satu” or “Even different, we’re still one.” Javanese language had parts. It had ‘language-stairs.’ The first is ‘Ngoko,’ that language we use if we talks with someone who have closer. Ngoko is the rudest language in Javanese’s language-stairs. Then, we have ‘Krama,’ which use if we talks with someone older, or we honors. Then, the highest is ‘Krama Inggil,’ we always use that language when we talks to elder. Gah, I haven’t learns Krama Inggil at all! It was so hard for me~ My father was so smart about Krama Inggil, but I dunno why he won’t to teach me more about it. He said English is more important than Krama Inggil! What the…? I wanna learn my culture deeper than before, but why my father ordered me to learn foreign culture? However, it really make me different in many ways, such as style and character. And I’m sure, my father will be sorry for it… :p Haha, I think the hardest is LOXIAN, elves language which J.R.R Tolkien has made, and Enya, the singer, has sang on her newest album Amarantine. Wanna hear Enya singing her Loxian’s language? I found her links on Youtube. Enjoy!

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