Sunday, July 14, 2013

I'm [still] Alive


So long I don't see my blog, eh? XD yes I am. I know there are not much reader here, but I just want to share what I want to share, so people can learn something about life..

I'm still alive and I'm okay! Thanks to people out there, especially my boyfriend. He always there to support me. Then... my cat! Haha. Cat is a superior species that throw happiness. Lack of updating my blog, but I'm really active lately on twitter, and Deviantart like always. Here my link for twitter>> and deviantart>>

My modem is broken, and I'm lazy to go to internet cafe =A=) But I still love writing. As long as my passion still standing, I'll keep my writes moving *argh*

Okay. This thread finished by my miku cosplay~ Have a nice day everyone <3 br="">

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