Sunday, July 1, 2012

Summer - Spring Fashion Contest

Kawai.i, one of most popular Japanese Fashion Community held an event with title "Summer-Spring Fashion Contest." Whoever who want to submit photos must wear their best Summer-Spring clothes. I dare to submit, because my boyfriend insist me. He's a photographer, and can help me for my best.

Challenge accepted. So, with my poor-sew-tech, I made a red dress! Even there's no summer or spring in Indonesia, I want participated! >.< I have bit sense of fashion, so I brows more at Google, to create an idea how does summer-spring clothes must be.

And.. TA-DA! this is it, my summer-spring clothes. Designed by me, sew poorly by me, and wore by me. XD Confused where to have photo session, my boy accidentally choose our college's library for settings. Yep, our library had big and beautiful (er.. not so, actually) garden for us to read but no picnic, sadly.

This clothes get no number or award on Kawai.i contest, and failed get enough attention from Yuko Obara, the Japanese designer that judge (awrite, enough blaming self), but I'm very happy could get such beautiful portfolio! ^^

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