Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Sims 2 "Please Insert Correct CD-Rom" Solved!

What’s more shocking than a new notebook without game?  My cat died, for sure. Since kid, I remember to waste my time in front of computer to relieve stress or just simply have fun.

One of my favorite was The Sims 2. Even I grew up (badly, lol) this game still lurks on my netbook. Until recently, I must bought a new netbook, and found out that I couldn’t installed The Sims 2 properly. I even downgrade my Windows 8.1 version into 7, and had no hope either. It keeps popped “Please Insert Correct CD-ROM, select OK, and restart application! I’ve put the right CD (with virtual drive)countless time and had my mind blown with this fact. For a while.

I wanted to put a crack, but I had bad experience with it. So I move along, tried any version of virtual CD (like Power Iso, Daemon) and still lost. Several people stopped here and found it’s successful but not me. Yet still, many has gives up. No i won’t. I keep trying, with support from cheesecakes, red velvet cakes , (and sometimes) healthy-sour-taste breads, I’ve survived.

The answer is just use Alcohol.

 Forget the daemon and Power Iso. The newest version aren’t compatible with our windows tho. But Alcohol did. No i don’t mention about buying a bunch of bottle drinks and loosen up your shits. It’s Alcohol 120% software by Alcohol-soft. A bit cute name for a software, but it really helpful. My Sims 2 works with this. No worries about versions, the newest one works for the game.

Alcohol 120% interface

Mount the CD (iso files or so) with Alcohol 120% and play your game joyfully. There are free version for download (), but if you had spare money please support the software. Have a nice day.

<<<<< DOWNLOAD LINK FOR ALCOHOL 120% FREE >>>>>>>>>>>>>>



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